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Hall of Fame

The Legacy his Guru Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Saheb and his teacher’s Guru Baba Allauddin Khan.

Baba Allauddin Khan - The Genius  Ashokji's Guru Ustad Ali Akbar KhaniIMG_0003_NEWPandit Ashok Roy


Pandit Ashok Roy performing in Fiji, South East Asia with Bhagwan Pandey as a Cultural Ambassador for India, sent by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations ICCR in the 1970’s to develop cultural understanding between nations.

 Pt Ashok Roy with Bhagwan Pandey in 1970's in Fiji

Ashok Roy and Bhagwan Pandey in Fiji in 1970's


Eminant personalities accoladed Ashok Roy for his musical genius.  With Ali Akbar Khan, his Guru.  A precious moment with the great Yehudi Menuhin who extended his appreciation to Pandit Ashok Roy after a concert in 1975 in Suva, Fiji.  

With His Guru Ustad Amjad Ali Khan In Sydney in 1990 at Nancy Grover's Residence

w Yehudin Menuhin in Fiji 1975

Amongst his many collaborations and compositions was forming the group called Slivanje which performed at the Womadelaide Festival in 1992 and 1995. The following photograph was taken at Womadelaide Festival.

Slivanje in Womadelaide

Slivanje IMG_0015

Pandit Ashok Roy’s collaborated with many Australian Musicians whether of an Eastern or Western denomination. Some of these collaborations were with established Japanese musician Riley Lee and Shakuhachi player in Sydney; with Satsuki Odamura an established Koto player;


Riley Lee   Ashok Roy and Satsuki


Sangam was yet another group formed with Sydney’s accomplished musicians, John Napier, Greg Gibson, Satsuki Odamura, Tony Lewis; Jonathan Pease and Pt Ashok Roy. The group performed extensively in Sydney and produced a CD called Anamika supported by Australia Council for the Arts and Australian Music Centre

Sangam Team_NEW


The Music of his Heart however rested in the magic of the tradition that he revelled and enjoyed. Seen below in concert with the well renowned Tabla player from India Aneesh Pradhan.  

Aneesh Pradhan in Tabla 

Seen here performing with Bobby Singh on Tabla and Shanta Roy in New Zealand

Color A Roy, Bobby S Roy


Others equally captivated by Pandit Ashok Roy helped enhance and build a community that cherished his kind of music in Australia. One amongst them was Eileen Nancy Grover, founder of the Asian Music and Dance Institute in the 1970’s, who later helped with the establishment of the Australian Institute of Eastern Music AIEM formed in 1984 says fondly “the melody shall always linger on…”



























There were many CD’s launched at ABC Studios and by Larrikin Records including Radio and Television Concerts. 

Pt Ashok Roy - Larrikin Records 

Students !! captivated by his music turned to learn from him. The sweetness of his music captured Adrian McNeil, Ethno Musicologist, Colin Berriman who took to the Sitar and me who learnt vocal music from him

 A Roy & Adrian

ARoy and Adrian performing Colin Berryman and Pandit Suman

 A Roy sk,

And Others who came and went taking a piece of the Joy that Ashok Roy spread through his Music

 w Students

Ashokji loved an afternoon yarn, cooking and coffee


IMG_0024 IMG_0022 

Despite failing health Pandit Ashok Roy never gave up playing his  Sarod until the ver end. The Sarod  remained his constant companion.


On the Final day many friends and Students came to pay their final respects to him. An Era of Music had come to its end.   


Me Singing with Shalaka Malgaonkar on tabla and Sukhbir Singh on Harmonium  Nancy Grover and Mukti 

But Nancy Grover, one of the persons who was most dedicated to Ashok Roy says, “the Melody will always lingers on …”

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  1. March 26, 2009 1:39 pm

    hello. i am very happy indeed to have come across some information about a musician who had a such a deep impact on my life.although i only know one 15 Minute recording of him(raag basant mukhari on the Unesco collection recorded by Alain Danielou)this particular piece had such tremendous effect on me at a time when i had not the slightest idea of this music that i can call it my initiation still is one of my most favourite recordings of ICM although i have heard a lot since then….it really stands out…. it is hard to describe what moments of bliss i had listening to it again and again and again. finally it made me want to learn ICM seriously which is what i do now since five years. and it really has become the focus of my life. i am grieved to read that Panditji has left us…and it is saddening that over here in europe there are no records of him available it seems.

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