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His Versatility

March 14, 2009

·the performance of Ashok Roy on sarod … was studded with many breathtaking sequences

The Star Karachi Journal June


Where Waters Meet

Slivanje – Where Waters Meet

Contributed by Linsey Pollack 

This National cross-cultural ensemble was formed by me, Linsey Pollack under the

 auspices of the Brisbane Ethnic Music and Arts Centre (BEMAC), represented a gathering of some of Australia’s most uniquely talented artists.

Slivanje (meaning “meeting of waters” in Macedonian) created new Australian music based on the traditions that each musician brought to the group, ranging from Macedonian, African and Latin American, to Indian and Japanese folk and classical. Slivanje was: Linsey Pollak – bagpipes, clarinet, saxophones, wind and percussion instruments; Hernan Flores – vocals, guitar, Latin string and wind instruments, hand percussion; Blair Greenberg – percussion; Dorinda Hafner – vocals, hand percussion, dance; Satsuki Odamura – Japanese koto; Ashok Roy – Indian sarod.
They were one of the earlier experimenters in Cross Cultural music in Australia and performed at the first WOMADELAIDE Festival and released the cd  “Where Waters meet”:
Title:  Where Waters Meet

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