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Australian Institute of Eastern Music

March 14, 2009

Exquisitely formed and played; at first a reflective statement from the Sarod alone… ending in a frenzy of syncopated phrases
— Christ Church New Zealand 1986

AIEM performance


The Australian Institute of Eastern Music was formed by its initial members in the 1980’s. Pandit Ashok Roy became the Artistic Director of AIEM in the 1990’s. Nancy Grover who had been managing Panditji’s engagements and concert planning spent a lot of time and effort in promoting him and AIEM extensively. For over ten years the AIEM celebrated music in ways that looked at making new sounds with old techniques; provided a platform for all musicians from different backgrounds to come together; and Pandit Ashok Roy did it with quite insight. Pandit Ashok Roy launched several CD’s with ABC Radio National, Larrikin Records, performed at major festivals in Australia and more through out the eighties and nineties.

David Walker the Secretary of the AIEM in its later years, talks about the first time he met Pandit Ashok Roy and the various ventures that he helped organise for AIEM.  The numerous concert series that Pandit Ashok performed in Sydney and in other parts of Australia with eminent tabla players from India and in Australia and finally how it all slowly stopped happening.


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  1. Alan Tootill permalink
    June 25, 2010 7:17 am

    Can anyone advise me please about the state of AIEM? Am I right in thinking it is now defunct, as although the web site is still visible there is no activity and contact. This would be a pity.

    A particular reason for asking is that I have been wondering about the fate of the Coates Library of music. I would hope that this rich treasurehouse is not locked away and forgotten. Or has it been passed on to another organisation?

  2. November 28, 2010 9:05 am

    i m daughter of bhagwan ji pandya and want to contact mr.ashok roy….
    i would like to knw where he is?
    i’ll b really glad and thankfull if smone could help…….

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